Experienced lawyers, employment law specialists assist you with your
employment relationship, employment contracts and labour dispute
situations. Please feel free to contact us! 

Advice for 15 min, 45 €: a short telephone or e-mail advice contact,
which does not require reviewing of the documents. E.g payment of wages, overtime,
annual leave, termination of employment contract or replacement.

Advice for 30 min, 70 €: a longer telephone or e-mail advice contact,
which may require reviewing of documents or background information.
Occasionally the contacts also require knowledge of the relevant terms
and conditions of the collective agreement or research on previous
rulings. E.g fixed-term contract of employment, termination of the
employment relationship, unjustified warning. 

When you contact us, you’ll always know the price in advance. We
investigate your situation together and often the situation will be
resolved during the first contact.

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